Javascript of JQuery?



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    Hi Jeff, have you checked if you can do that with Record Rules in the Builder? It can probably do the trick. Otherwise if you really need development I would go for JQuery as this will require knowledge of AJAX functions which are specific to JQuery. IMHO a person with JS knowledge could also quickly learn AJAX but if you are paying a premium... :) 

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    J Napolski (Edited )

    I did try it with Record Rules. The problem is that I wanted to create a record for EVERY instance of a connected person: so multiple records. So when you create a new record, I wanted another connected record created in every person that was connected to the original record connected to it. Woah. 


    Class - connection to swimmers.

    Class - connection to Class Day

    New class Day > Create a New Class Attendance Record for every Swimmer Connected to the Class, connected to the Class Day. 


    I ended up hiring a Javascript / JQuery dev on and for a <200 fee got what I needed accomplished. 

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